Now that Heylee B has brought you B Cosmetics, some of you have been asking questions about our mineral foundation. So we are taking a moment to let you know 4 things about what our foundation is and why/how you should wear it.   

What is a liquid powder foundation? 

A liquid powder foundation is simply a liquid foundation (ours is more creamy) that is applied to your face, leaving you left with a powder finish. You won't look greasy or streaky, just fresh and clean. There is no extra powder application needed with this type of foundation. Is also doesn't leave your face feeling cakey or over made. It's super light leaving your face feeling as if you have no makeup on at all! (Which we all love, right?!) You can, however, layer your foundation, which means that after it dries, if you feel as though you don't have an even look or have spots to be covered, you can add small layers on top of the existing. But you're still left with a fresh, clean feeling. 

How do I apply liquid powder foundation?

Heylee's favorite way to apply this type of foundation is with a foundation brush. Some apply if with a small sponge or with their fingers. Heylee says that using a foundation brush will give you an even, streak-free look.

Heylee's trick?

Take a small amount of the foundation squeezed onto the back of you hand, like a painters' palette.


Then, using your brush, apply to nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin, blending outward.

{{Here is a pic of Heylee before putting on foundation}}


Once blended, make sure to add a little to your jawline and neck! Her mantra? Blend, Blend, Blend!! Don't want to look like you put a mask on!

{{Here is Heylee after applying foundation and mascara}}

I currently wear powder foundation? Do you not use powder at all?

We chose a liquid powder instead of a plain powder or plain liquid because of its versatility on all skin types. Heylee told us,

"I have too many make-up clients who sit in my chair who wear powder foundation, leaving their skin looking dull and flat. Using this liquid powder will give a fresh, dewey look, leaving your face with a youthful glow instead of a dull and dried out look."

Heylee also mentioned that because her skin is on the oily side, powder has a tendency to stick to those super oily spots and flake off over the day. With this foundation, she can get the perfect blend for her skin. 

How do I know that I have the right color for my skin?

When you apply foundation to your skin, you want to see it "disappear" on your face. What that means is that when you apply, you shouldn't see an obvious color difference between your skin and the foundation. If it's too light, where you applied will be overly white. If it's too dark, your skin will look slightly orange.

Heylee's trick?

Apply a small amount (on a clean face) to your forehead, blending out. If you can't tell a difference, it's a match! She also suggests re-evaluating your skin tone 3-4 times a year as exposure to sun (or non-exposure) can change the hue. She will keep 3 different shades in her kit because her skin color is fluctuating. Not quite dark enough for the next shade? Stay a shade below what you are, and add a little bronzer to bring the warmth into your skin. 


If you have any questions about your skin, what foundation is right for you, or where to start, feel free to ask your question in the comments below or by sending an email to Heylee directly at We love to make sure that you have the perfect look for not just your wardrobe, but your skin! 




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